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Alright, I’ve finished following people on my other account.

This account won’t be deleted, but it won’t be active.

I’m not deleting it for the following reasons:

  • Incase I accidentally skipped over a follower [if you haven’t had a new follower in an hour or so, please tell me D: I want to follow you again!]
  • Incase I change my mind down the road, and want this account back, for some odd reason.
  • Um.. I really liked this account D; 
  • People now have a place to send their Anon hate, since it won’t be answered anyways. Enjoy my deserted profile, you crazy bastards.

You are now free to unfollow this account, if you wish <3

    amakai replied to your post: So, I started a new account.

    Me! D: I must follow!

    Added youuuuuuu :)

    So, I started a new account.

    I love my followers, I just can’t up and leave Tumblr. I don’t know if I’ll stick to it, or just say fuck it, and keep this one as my main.

    I’m probably going to switch to my new one soon, and since I don’t want to post the URL, you’re free to PM me and ask for it. Otherwise, I’ll follow all of you again, and PM those I talk to the most and tell them it’s me.

    Since I want this as a somewhat private account, I don’t want to just post the URL here, so forgive me <3

    I’ll start following people once I make it all pretty~

    Why being a girl isn't working out for me: Body: Oh, guess what time of the month it is!
    Me: Please, god, no--
    Brain: I quit. i quit. kittens and cupcakes and no one loves me. oh my god salty snacks i am furious
    Torso: Time to practice labor. cramp this bitch up. GO GO GO GO GO GO
    Stomach: lol clothes cant fit you anymore. you are bloated. you are now a balloooooooon!
    Brain: I KNOW EVERYONE HATES ME I AM SO DEPRESSED. we need to procreate.
    Face: Lol, i'm not done yet.
    Uterus: what did i ever do to deserve this?
    Brain: you just wait uterus. they're going to make you hold a baby for like 9 months straight.
    Uterus: You mother fuckers.
    Torso: CONTRACT!
    Me: I hate you all
    So I was wondering…


    when the Hunger Games movie comes out, are they going to have a movie for each book (like HP) or are they going to pull a Series of Unfortunate Events and cram everything into one movie?

    They’ve signed contracts for 4 movies, I believe. Mockingjay will be split into two parts, as far as I know. 

    genki-anon replied to your post: are you gonna make a new profile?

    I think tumblr is cursed lately, there are too many dramas in the anon world to count and most people are upset for some reason.

    It’s totally cursed. So much drama, fighting, anon hate. Ugh. Make it stopppp.

    Anonymous said:
    are you gonna make a new profile?

    If I DO delete this one tonight, I’m 95% sure I will, I’ll most likely make a new account sometime next week. Of course I’ll follow all of you lovelies again if I do <3

    I’m just incredibly irritated, it’s been a shitty day, and I’m sick of Tumblr causing so many problems at the moment. I don’t want to delete it, but if it will stop the drama, I will.

    Deleting this by the end of the night.

    Apparently I can’t have this one site to myself, and it’s causing so much fucking drama, that I’m just deleting it.

    If you want to get in contact with me, drop me a message in my ask by the end of the night, and I’ll give you my MSN, Ameba, FB, whatever you’d like.

    I love my followers, don’t get me wrong, but this is just fucking ridiculous.

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